Updating and Extending Atelier

The Eclipse IDE supports multiple development languages by allowing plug-ins to contribute additional functionality. When you install the Atelier plug-in, you enable Eclipse to work with InterSystems database technology. See Installing the Atelier Plug-in.

You can install and update plug-ins by selecting command link Help > Install New Software from the main menu. To see a list of the software installed on your instance of Atelier, select the command link already installed button on the Install New Software wizard.

The Work with field in the installation wizard is a combo box that lists update sites, and lets you add new ones. You can enable the Atelier update sites in command link Preferences > Install/Update, as shown in the following illustration:

Install/Update preferences

Once you have enabled them, these update sites appear in the Work with combo box in the Install New Software wizard, as the following illustration shows:

Install/Update preferences

Atelier provides update sites for both the latest stable released version, and a Beta version. The Beta version gives you access to the latest bug fixes and enhancements, but carries the risks associated with using software that is in active development. Note that if you update to a Beta version and later find that it does not meet your needs, you must reinstall the stable version. You cannot update to an earlier version. Similarly, if you install a Beta version of the Atelier plug-in, you must delete it from Eclipse and install the stable version.

The software update mechanism is a standard feature of Eclipse, discussed in the Workbench User Guide. You may want to refer to the following topics:

There are some additional plug-ins that can be helpful to you in your work with Atelier:

To install plug-ins from the marketplace, you need to install the Eclipse Marketplace Client.

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