Atelier Search Tab

The Atelier tab in the Search dialog allows you to perform text searches in a namespace on any configured server connection. You can open the Search dialog by selecting Search > Search from the main menu bar or clicking the search icon (Search) in the main tool bar. The Atelier tab contains the following fields:

Option Description
Containing text: Enter the string to search for. The check boxes Case sensitive, Regular expression, and Whole word next to the text field determine how the search text is interpreted. The dropdown control lists recently used text.
File name patterns (separated by comma): Limits the search to files with names that match the specified patterns. The Choose button next to the field opens a pop up that you can use to select patterns that correspond to file types. The dropdown control lists recently used patterns.
Scope Specifies the namespace in which to search. The dropdown control lets you select from available namespaces. The check boxes determine whether to include system or generated items.

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