Synchronization and Conflict Resolution

The Atelier development model requires synchronization of source code on client and server machines. You can invoke the Atelier synchronization wizard command in the following ways:

The Conflict Resolution wizard opens automatically when there are version conflicts between client and server. Version conflicts arise when code has been modified on the server more recently than on the client, such as by editing code directly on the server.

The wizard presents the client version of the file in the left pane of the wizard, and the server version on the right. Buttons at the upper right let you step through the differences between the versions. The wizard indicates these differences visually, and you can click on the indicator lines that connect the two sides to copy text from right to left. The following image shows the conflict resolution wizard resolving a single file:

conflict resolution wizard

The buttons perform the following actions:

When the Conflict Resolution wizard opens in response to conflicts in more than one file, it provides the following additional information:

conflict resolution wizard

It also provides the following controls:

The following image shows the wizard controls set to save the local copy for all unresolved files when you click Finish.

conflict resolution wizard

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