New Connection Configuration

The Opens the Connection Configuration wizard Connection Configuration wizard helps you configure connections to servers. You can open this wizard by selecting File > New > Other... > Atelier > Server Connection from the main menu. Note that Atelier does not support connections to servers running on VMS.

Option Description
Connection Name Enter a name to identify the new connection. The connection name cannot contain spaces.
Web Server Configuration
Enter the address of the host where the server for this connection is running. The default value is localhost. This field supports IPV4 and IPV6 IP addresses in addition to server names.
Web Port
Enter the WebServer port number used by the server. The default value is 57772.
Secure Connection
Select this check box to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) for this connection. TLS must be configured as described in Using SSL/TLS with Caché
The default value is unselected.
A valid user ID for the instance specified in the Web Server Configuration section. The user must have the required minimum privileges. See Minimum Required Privileges.
A valid password for the specified user.
Test Connection Click this button to test the connection. You see either "Connection succeeded." or an error message.

Use the Server Explorer view examine connections you have created.

Problems that arise when you create a connection can indicate problems with secure storage. See Connections and Secure Storage on Mac Platforms.

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