Launch Configurations

Atelier Application

Open a launch configuration wizard by selecting either Goto the run configuration dialog Run > Run Configurations... or Goto the debug configuration dialog Run > Debug Configurations... from the main menu bar.

Connect tab:

Option Description Default
Name The name for the configuration. New_configuration
Project The project that contains the class or routine to be run. Enter the name of a project, or use the Browse button to search for a project. The currently selected project.
Connection Properties: Timeout The connection timeout. It defines the length of time in seconds that Atelier waits for a reply after making a debugging request to the server. You can increase this value if the server is slow to respond. 30
Entry point Defines the starting point for running the application. You can run an Atelier application using either a ClassMethod, Routine or CSP file as the entry point.  
ClassMethod Select this radio button to configure an entry point in a ClassMethod
Class Name
Name of the class that contains the ClassMethod.
Method Name
The name of the ClassMethod.
Routine Select this radio button to configure an entry point in a routine.
Name of the routine.
A label in the routine.
Numerical offset from the Label.
CSP Select this radio button to configure a CSP file as the entry point. In the URL field, enter the URL of the CSP file you want to debug. This is the URL used when you perform the View Web Page command on the file. For example, to set menu.csp from the /csp/user CSP Application running on localhost port 57772 as the entry point, use the url http://localhost:57772/csp/user/menu.csp. Unselected
Arguments Arguments to the routine or ClassMethod.  

The following tool bar buttons are avaliable on the run and debug configuration wizards:

Toolbar Button Command Description
New New Create a new launch configuration of the selected type.
Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate the selected launch configuration.
delete Delete Execute without stopping at any breakpoints.
collapse all Collapse Collapse all open tree control nodes.
filter Filter Filter launch configurations.

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