The Studio/Atelier Transition

The InterSystems Atelier IDE is an Eclipse plug-in which puts the power of the Eclipse development environment into the hands of InterSystems developers. If you have experience with InterSystems technology, this shift to an Eclipse-based IDE represents a significant change from the development model you are familiar with.

The following list summarizes changes you need to be aware of:

You may find the following topics useful in making the transition from Studio to Atelier:

Developers may rely on a number of the key bindings that are standard in Studio. Eclipse also has a number of standard key bindings, and many are different from those used by Studio. Atelier does not modify Eclipse key bindings to support conventions used by other development tools. You can see the current Eclipse key bindings by selecting Help > Key Assist... from the main menu. You can customize key bindings using key preferences Window > Preferences > General > Keys.

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