InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2018.1
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Deployment and Installation
This view presents topics relevant when you are deploying the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform or your own application.
First Look: InterSystems Cloud Manager   
Introduces InterSystems Cloud Manager and shows you how to use it to deploy InterSystems IRIS in a public cloud.
First Look: Docker Containers and InterSystems IRIS   
Provides an introduction to Docker containers and running InterSystems IRIS in a container.
InterSystems Cloud Manager Introduction 
Introduces InterSystems Cloud Manager (ICM), the automated cloud provisioning and deployment tool within InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.
Getting Started with ICM 
Teaches the learner the benefits of ICM and cloud provisioning, as well as how to use ICM.
InterSystems Cloud Manager Guide   
Explains how ICM can be used to easily provision infrastructure and deploy containerized services in a public or private cloud
Installation Guide   
Describes the process of installing InterSystems IRIS on your system.
Adding Compiled Code to Customer Databases   
Describes how to add compiled, deployed code to customer databases.