InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2018.1
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Management and Monitoring
Use these resources if you are managing or monitoring your system.
These resources are useful for any application built on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.
First Look: Exploring Data Resiliency with InterSystems IRIS   
Provides an introduction to high availability, crash recovery, and disaster recovery in InterSystems IRIS.
Backup Essentials - Protecting Your Data 
Provides video of a presentation on backups, given at the InterSystems Global Summit 2017.
High Availability and Disaster Recovery Resource Guide 
Provides a set of presentations and recordings on HA and DR, from the 2017 InterSystems Global Summit.
System Management Resource Guide 
Provides a set of presentations and recordings on system management, from the 2017 InterSystems Global Summit.
Performance Resource Guide 
Provides a set of presentations and recordings on system performance, from the 2017 InterSystems Global Summit.
System Administration Guide   
Introduces common system administration tasks.
High Availability Guide   
Explains the many mechanisms InterSystems IRIS provides to maintain highly available and reliable systems.
Monitoring Guide   
Describes the tools, routines, and third-party interfaces available to monitor InterSystems IRIS.
Data Integrity Guide   
Explains the mechanisms InterSystems IRIS uses to maintain data integrity.
Additional Configuration Settings Reference   
Describes settings in the Management Portal's Additional Settings section on the Configuration page.
Configuration Parameter File Reference   
Describes the purpose and syntax of entries in the Configuration Parameter File.
Web Gateway Configuration Guide   
Describes how to manually set up a web server and the InterSystems IRIS Web Gateway to connect to InterSystems IRIS on supported operating systems.
Specialized System Tools and Utilities   
Describes tools and utilities for managing and extending InterSystems IRIS systems.
These resources are useful for applications that include productions that integrate multiple systems.
Managing Productions   
Explains how to use the Management Portal to manage productions.
Monitoring Productions   
Explains how to monitor your production environment and production components.
These resources help you perform security administration tasks.
Security Administration Guide   
Describes authentication, authorization, auditing, managed key encryption, SSL/TLS, and other aspects of InterSystems security.
OAuth 2.0 Resource Guide 
Provides links to useful resources to help you learn about the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework.
Using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect with InterSystems IRIS   
Describes how to use InterSystems IRIS support for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.
FIPS 140–2 Compliance for InterSystems IRIS Database Encryption   
Describes how to enable FIPS 140–2 compliant cryptography for database encryption.