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class SYS.Stats.ECPDataSvr extends SYS.WSMon.wsResource

This class represents system metrics captured for ECP Data Server activity. Each property is a different metric. A class may be instantiated by calling the class method 'Sample', and then the current value of each property can be accessed.

For example:

	s ref=##class(SYS.Stats.ECPDataSvr).Sample()
	w ref.GloRef ; display number of Global References returned by this Data Server

System stats for an ECP Data Server


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
18 1


ActConn BigKill BigString BlockSent ByteRcvd
ByteSent GloRef GloUpdate LockFail LockGrant
LockQue LockQueFail LockQueGrant MaxConn ReqBuff
ReqRcvd RoutinePurge SvrBlockPurge

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• property ActConn as %Integer;
Number of current active connections to this Data Server
• property BigKill as %Integer;
The number of messages sent by the server for big kills.
• property BigString as %Integer;
The number of times the block was not sent to the client because the result was a big string.
• property BlockSent as %Integer;
The number of Blocks sent.
• property ByteRcvd as %Integer;
The number of Bytes received.
• property ByteSent as %Integer;
The number of Bytes sent.
• property GloRef as %Integer;
The number of Global references returned.
• property GloUpdate as %Integer;
The number of global references that updated the database.
• property LockFail as %Integer;
The number of lock requests that immediately fail.
• property LockGrant as %Integer;
The number of lock requests that are immediately granted.
• property LockQue as %Integer;
The number of lock requests that must be queued.
• property LockQueFail as %Integer;
The number of lock requests that are queued and later fail.
• property LockQueGrant as %Integer;
The number of lock requests that are queued and later granted.
• property MaxConn as %Integer;
Maximum possible number of connections to this Data Server.
• property ReqBuff as %Integer;
The number of request buffers processed.
• property ReqRcvd as %Integer;
The number of Requests received.
• property RoutinePurge as %Integer;
The number of messages sent by the server to purge a routine on the client .
• property SvrBlockPurge as %Integer;
The number of blocks the server has requested the client to purge.


• classmethod Sample() as SYS.Stats.ECPDataSvr

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