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InterSystems API Manager

The InterSystems API Manager (IAM) is an independent component that InterSystems provides for use with InterSystems IRIS products.


In this article, InterSystems IRIS® refers to any InterSystems product based on InterSystems IRIS that supports IAM. This includes InterSystems IRIS for Health and HealthShare® Health Connect.


IAM is installed on a Linux system and enables you to monitor and control traffic to and from your InterSystems IRIS web-based APIs. IAM is powered by Kong Gateway, an industry-leading API manager from Kong, Inc.

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Try It!

Hands-on with InterSystems API Manager for DevelopersOpens in a new tab is an online exercise in which you can use IAM to manage APIs for a InterSystems IRIS-based coffee maker application.

Benefits of Using IAM

IAM allows you to do the following:

  • Monitor your HTTP-based API traffic to find out:

    • Which developers or applications are using your APIs

    • What APIs are being called and which ones are most popular

    • How often your APIs are being called

    • Which APIs could benefit from a rework

    • If there are any patterns or trends

  • Control who is using your APIs and restrict usage in various ways. From simple access restrictions to throttling API traffic and fine-tuning request payloads, you have fine-grained control and can react quickly.

  • Protect your APIs with central security mechanisms like OAuth2.0 or Key Token Authentication.

  • Onboard third-party developers and provide them with a superb developer experience right from the start by providing a dedicated Developer Portal for their needs.

  • Scale your API demands and deliver low-latency responses.

  • Provide a uniform API for underlying services that have different APIs.

  • Blue-green deployments.

  • Canary releases.


IAM provided with InterSystems IRIS must be used only for APIs that are either provided by InterSystems IRIS or used by InterSystems IRIS.

Available Versions

You can download IAM from the following WRC download page: in a new tab. To show only the IAM kits, type IAM in the Name column.

Version WRC Download Name and Version InterSystems Documentation Kong Documentation
3.4 (supported until August 2026) InterSystems API Manager (IAM) 3.4 IAM 3.4 documentation Kong Gateway 3.4 documentationOpens in a new tab
3.2 (supported until February 2024) InterSystems API Manager (IAM) 3.2 IAM 3.2 documentation Kong Gateway 3.2 documentationOpens in a new tab
3.0 (sunset support until September 2024) InterSystems API Manager (IAM) 3.0 IAM 3.0 documentation Kong Gateway 3.0 documentationOpens in a new tab
2.8.1 (supported until March 2025) InterSystems API Manager (IAM) 2.8.1 IAM 2.8.1 documentation Kong Gateway (Enterprise) 2.8.1 documentationOpens in a new tab

In addition to the resources listed above, see the InterSystems Developer Community articleOpens in a new tab and the InterSystems online learning siteOpens in a new tab. The online learning site has online classes, videos and documents that cover topics on IAM, such as building FHIR applications and best practices. On the online learning site, search for API Manager to find these resources.

Also see the Kong Supported Versions pageOpens in a new tab.

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