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InterSystems Health Integration as a Service (HIaaS) is an integration engine in the cloud that provides a reliable, secure, low maintenance solution for connecting any number of healthcare systems, modern or legacy. Based on InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect™, HIaaS supports all of the common messaging standards, including FHIR®, HL7v2 and HL7v3, IHE Profiles, CDA/C-CDA, DICOM, X12, and more. This allows you to exchange information securely with other healthcare organizations, clinicians, and public health agencies and store every message moving through these integrated systems. HIaaS offers guaranteed message delivery, built-in data transformations, superior monitoring, high performance, and robust auditing without the burden of setting up and maintaining its infrastructure.

If you want to subscribe to InterSystems Health Integration as a Service, please contact us.

If you want to set up HIaaS after subscribing, see Set Up InterSystems Health Integration as a Service.

For information on the day-to-day management of HIaaS using the InterSystems Cloud Services Portal, see Reference Information.

Set Up InterSystems Health Integration as a Service

Once you have subscribed to InterSystems Health Integration as a Service (HIaaS), follow these easy steps to get up and running.

Log in to the InterSystems Cloud Services Portal

If you have an account in the InterSystems Cloud Services Portal, log in to the portal.

If you do not have an account, sign up for one, as follows:

  1. In your browser, go to the InterSystems Cloud Services Portal login page, and click Create New Account.

  2. On the Sign Up page, enter the requested information, and click SIGN UP.

  3. Type the verification code sent to the email account you provided, and click CONFIRM ACCOUNT.

After you create your new account, you are taken to the InterSystems Deployments page.

Create a Deployment

After logging in to the InterSystems Cloud Services Portal, the next step is to deploy the HIaaS in the cloud.

  1. On the InterSystems Deployments page, click CREATE NEW DEPLOYMENT.

  2. On the Create InterSystems IRIS Deployment page, in the Deployment Options section:

    1. Click HEALTH CONNECT.

    2. Under Deployment Size, select a size.

      A description of the typical use case is listed for each size.

    3. Optionally, select the Highly Available (HA) Configuration to deploy a mirrored backup server automatically to minimize or eliminate downtime to HIaaS. This feature cannot be enabled or disabled after the deployment is created. (Not available for Preview-sized deployments.)

    4. Click CONTINUE.

  3. In the Cloud Options section:

    1. Under Cloud Provider, select a provider. (“AWS” is the only provider currently available.)

    2. Under Region, select a region.

    3. Click CONTINUE.

  4. In the Deployment Name section:

    1. Type a name for your deployment. This cannot be changed once created.

    2. Click CONTINUE.

  5. In the Review section:

    1. Review the summary information.

    2. Click CREATE.

It takes a few minutes to deploy HIaaS. When the deployment has completed, the status under the deployment name changes to COMPLETE.

Click the card for the deployment to go to the Overview page for your new deployment. This page contains summary information, including your deployment’s expiration date and Deployment ID. The Deployment ID uniquely identifies your deployment.

If you want to delete your deployment at any point, you can do so from the InterSystems Deployments page, by clicking the trash icon next to your deployment name.

You can now create HIaaS users by clicking Connect Users on the main menu and then log in to the Health Connect System Management Portal by clicking System Management on the main menu and then clicking LAUNCH.