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InterSystems API Manager

The InterSystems API Manager (IAM) is an independent component that InterSystems provides for use with InterSystems products.


The InterSystems API Manager (IAM) enables you to monitor and control traffic to and from your web-based APIs. The InterSystems API Manager is powered by Kong Enterprise, an industry-leading API manager from Kong, Inc.

Available Versions

You can download this component from the following WRC download page: To show only the IAM kits, type IAM in the Name column. Note that the IAM kits between versions 0.34 and 1.5 and between 1.5 and 2.3 are only used in the process of upgrading from one version to another.

Version WRC Download Name and Version InterSystems Documentation Kong Documentation
0.34–1 InterSystems API Manager (IAM) 0.34-1 IAM 0.34–1 documentation Kong Enterprise 0.34 documentation
1.5 InterSystems API Manager (IAM) IAM 1.5 documentation Kong Enterprise 1.5 documentation
2.3 InterSystems API Manager (IAM) IAM 2.3 documentation Kong Enterprise 2.3 documentation