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XEP API for Java

The XEP API for Java is an independent component that InterSystems provides for use with InterSystems products. Currently this component is available only as part of the product installation, but InterSystems plans to make it available on an independent release schedule.


The XEP (Express Event Persistence) API provided by InterSystems enables Java applications to store and retrieve objects that adhere to simple or moderately complex schemas from InterSystems databases.

Available Versions

This component is available as part of the product installation for all IRIS, IRIS for Health, and Health Connect versions.

Component Documentation

Click here for the documentation for this component.

Related Product Documentation

The usage details may vary between products and versions. The following table provides links to the best starting place within each version of the product documentation:

IRIS IRIS for Health Health Connect
2021.1 2021.1 2021.1
2020.4 2020.4 not applicable
2020.3 2020.3 not applicable
2020.2 2020.2 not applicable
2020.1 2020.1 2020.1
2019.1 2019.1 2019.1