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SAM API Overview

This document describes the System Alerting and Monitoring (SAM) APIs, which provide access to SAM configuration settings and details. You may use these APIs to script the initial deployment of SAM.


If you prefer to configure SAM using its web-based user interface, see System Alerting and Monitoring Guide.

The SAM APIs support the standard HTTP request methods and return a JSON response. Each API entry in this document includes an example request and response.

The following endpoints are available:

In addition, every InterSystems IRIS instance includes an API that exposes metrics and alerts from that instance. For more information, see “Monitoring InterSystems IRIS Using REST API” in the Monitoring Guide.

/api/sam endpoints
Get SAM Manager version GET /api/sam/version
Get information for all instances GET /api/sam/target/state/
Get information for a specific instance GET /api/sam/target/state/{id}
Get alerts GET /api/sam/alerts/
/api/sam/admin/cluster endpoints
Create a new cluster POST /api/sam/admin/cluster
Get information for all clusters GET /api/sam/admin/cluster/
Get information for a specific cluster GET /api/sam/admin/cluster/{id}
Update a cluster's information PUT /api/sam/admin/cluster/{id}
Delete a cluster from SAM DELETE /api/sam/admin/cluster/{id}
/api/sam/admin/target endpoints
Add an instance to SAM POST /api/sam/admin/target
Get clusters of all instances GET /api/sam/admin/target/
Get cluster of a specific instance GET /api/sam/admin/target/{id}
Update an instance’s information PUT /api/sam/admin/target/{id}
Delete an instance from SAM DELETE /api/sam/admin/target/{id}
/api/sam/admin/alertrule endpoints
Get alert rules for specific cluster GET /api/sam/admin/alertrule/{clusterid}/
Replace alert rules for specific cluster PUT /api/sam/admin/alertrule/{clusterid}/
/api/sam/config/keepdays endpoints
Get the number of days that SAM stores metrics and alerts GET /api/sam/admin/config/keepdays
Set number of days for SAM to store metrics and alerts PUT /api/sam/admin/config/keepdays