Atelier 1.2 Beta Update

May 2018

Here is an account of what has changed in Atelier 1.2.118, available now from the beta update channel.

New Features

  • Go to line dialog – Jump to the name of a class member or a routine label in a file open in the editor from the Go to line dialog. You can add a numeric offset to a name or label. The dialog provides a list of possible targets, filtered by what you type. With the editor in focus, open the dialog by selecting Navigate > Go to Line... from the main menu, or pressing CTRL+L.
  • Tabbed graphical editor – Easily access BPL and DTL diagram editors from the associated editor tab, located at the bottom of the Atelier editor area. To access the graphical editor tab, you need to compile the BPL or DTL class in a production enabled namespace. Then open the file in an Atelier editor and select the BPL or DTL tab once it appears at the bottom of the editor area. Ensemble developer permissions are required.
  • Support for InterSystems IRIS server instances – Develop solutions that matter with InterSystems IRIS and Atelier.
    • Upgrading to Atelier 1.2 initiates an automatic conversion process that makes internal changes in your workspace required for Atelier to support IRIS. Make appropriate selections in the UI to allow this process to complete.
    • The steps to create and manage connections have not changed, and are the same for all InterSystems servers. You can associate an existing project with a new IRIS connection using the Change Connection command on the Atelier Explorer context menu.
    • Atelier 1.1 does not effectively support connections to IRIS servers. You can make a connection, but to do so you must increase connection timeout to at least 30 seconds. Performance on the resulting connection will be slow.

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Server connections:
    • Validate server configuration credentials – Atelier 1.1 requires credentials for all server configurations. Atelier 1.2 verifies that the provided credentials are valid.
    • Secure storage master password is required – Server configurations cannot be saved if secure storage prerequisites are not met.
    • Read-only background color – The editor displays the correct background color for read-only files.
    • Miscellaneous bug fix – An exception is no longer thrown if the New Connection wizard closes before the response from the Test Connection button has been displayed.
  • Code navigation:
    • Open class and class member references from routines – Open Declaration has been extended to routines. Select this item on the editor context menu, or use a key binding, to open class and class member definitions from a routine open in an Atelier editor.
    • Miscellaneous enhancement – Automatically search system databases from the Atelier Search dialog. You can opt-out by clearing the Search in system items checkbox before pressing the Search button.
  • Code completion enhancement – Keyword name/value code completion has been added for Relationship class members.
  • Code diagnostics – Syntax Checking
    • SQL syntax support additions – The value of SqlComputeOnChange can now be a quoted property name.
    • Miscellaneous additions to syntax support – The following are now supported syntax:
      • user defined functions
      • system function $ZOBJOID
      • Do $Increment(arg)
      • #class and #endclass
  • Code coloring has been added for HTML script tags.
  • Miscellaneous fixes have been made to the Parser including recognition of the routine keyword LanguageMode and the class member Query, and syntax error recovery for storage block synchronization.
  • Legacy XML file support:
    • Critical bug fix – Introducing a syntax error in a routine header stored in XML format no longer destroys the file content.
    • InterSystems IRIS support – You can set the default language mode option to support InterSystems IRIS by following these steps:
      1. Open the Eclipse installation directory, where the Eclipse application is located.
      2. Open the file eclipse.ini for editing.
      3. Find the line with -vmargs.
      4. Directly below that line enter a new line with the following text: Datelier.keywords.defaultlanguage=objectscript.
      5. Save the file.
      6. Restart Eclipse.
      Code completion now proposes objectscript as a valid value for the LanguageMode keyword. The Legacy XML import and export wizards also now support this language update. No configuration is necessary to continue developing against Caché and Ensemble instances.
    • Enforcing minimum supported language version – XML files exported from Studio associated with servers prior to version 2016.2 are no longer imported by the Legacy XML import wizard.
    • Mixed storage format export – You can now use the Legacy XML export wizard to export any set of classes and routines regardless of their storage format.
    • Miscellaneous syntax support additions – ##continue in macro definitions, default values in braces, Alias property keyword, and output keyword.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes
      • When writing files in XML format on Windows, Atelier now uses the line delimiter appropriate for the platform.
      • Problem involving FileSystemException on project deletion has been fixed.
  • CSP performance optimization – internal fixes improve caching of CSP applications.
  • Launch configuration dialog fixes:
    • Expressions are now accepted as arguments.
    • You can create a new launch configuration without any Atelier projects in your workspace.
  • User experience improvements
    • Uncluttered Atelier perspective – The default Atelier perspective now opens a minimal number of views. All views are accessible from the Show view menu item. Right-click the Atelier perspective short-cut icon in the upper-right corner of the Eclipse window and select Reset to see the new default layout.
    • Atelier Explorer filters – The list of filters available for the Atelier Explorer view is shorter and more relevant.
    • Error log is cleaned on shutdown and reboot – Unsaved changes warning and Device is disposed error messages fixed.
    • Some UI labels and icons have been updated, and product documentation has been updated accordingly.

Known Issues

  • Non-structural new lines exported - On macOS machines, the Legacy XML export wizard will add non-structural new lines to the file which do not change the functionality of the file.
  • Exception thrown by graphical editor with 2016.2 server connection - Opening a workspace or server version of a BPL or DTL file associated with a 2016.2 Ensemble database instance from the graphical editor will throw a NullPointerException if your user credentials do not include permissions to edit these files.
  • Corrupt secure storage causes bad install - Upgrading to Atelier 1.2 will fail if your secure storage is corrupted. Verify that this is not the case by interacting with your configured server connections. These actions will fail if your secure storage is corrupted.