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HealthShare Health Connect Maintenance Release Changes (2021.2.1)

This document is meant to help you assess the impact of upgrading to this maintenance release. It lists the changes in the 2021.2.1 maintenance release for HealthShare Health Connect.

Topics in this document include:


This document now uses only external identifiers for the changes. Previous versions of this document included internal identifiers, but due to a policy change, the internal identifiers will no longer be included.


The underlying technology of Health Connect 2021.2.1 is based on InterSystems IRIS. For information about changes to InterSystems IRIS for 2021.2.1, see Changes in Maintenance Release InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2021.2.1.


Health Connect 2021.2 is a Continuous Delivery (CD) release. Although CD releases typically do not get maintenance releases, InterSystems is providing a maintenance release to update the OpenSSL library installed on Windows. On other platforms, the OpenSSL library is provided by the operating system and is not included in the install. Consequently, the 2021.2.1 maintenance release is for Windows only. The 2021.2.0 release remains the current release for all other platforms.

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Changes in Maintenance Release HealthShare Health Connect 2021.2.1

Maintenance release 2021.2.1 includes the following changes, grouped by category:

The following sections describe the changes in detail.

Changes in the Kernel Category

DP-412701: Update OpenSSL source codes from version 1.0.2zb to 1.0.2zd.

Category: Kernel

Platforms: All

Version: 2021.2.1

Description: Update OpenSSL source code from version 1.0.2zb to 1.0.2zd. In addition to being used in the kernel, the OpenSSL library is used in the Apache-based private web server for any https connections, in the ODBC client for TLS based connectivity, and in the PKI service.

For Additional Help

If you need assistance with evaluating how upgrading to this maintenance release will affect your applications, systems, or related plans, please contact the InterSystems Worldwide Support Center:

  • Phone:  +1.617.621.0700
  • Fax:  +1.617.734.9391
  • Email:

Current release notes (and complete product documentation) can be found online at