class %Library.GTWResultSet extends %Library.IResultSet, %Library.IProcedureContext

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property Data [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: DataDisplayToLogical(), DataGet(), DataIsValid(), DataLogicalToDisplay(), DataLogicalToOdbc(), DataNormalize(), DataSet()
property bRClose as %Boolean;
Property methods: bRCloseDisplayToLogical(), bRCloseGet(), bRCloseIsValid(), bRCloseLogicalToDisplay(), bRCloseNormalize(), bRCloseSet()
property colindex [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: colindexDisplayToLogical(), colindexGet(), colindexIsValid(), colindexLogicalToDisplay(), colindexLogicalToOdbc(), colindexNormalize(), colindexSet()
property columns [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: columnsDisplayToLogical(), columnsGet(), columnsIsValid(), columnsLogicalToDisplay(), columnsLogicalToOdbc(), columnsNormalize(), columnsSet()
property firsttime as %Integer;
Property methods: firsttimeDisplayToLogical(), firsttimeGet(), firsttimeIsValid(), firsttimeLogicalToDisplay(), firsttimeNormalize(), firsttimeSet()
property gwc as %SQLGatewayConnection;
Property methods: gwcGet(), gwcGetSwizzled(), gwcIsValid(), gwcNewObject(), gwcSet()
property hstmt as %String;
Property methods: hstmtDisplayToLogical(), hstmtGet(), hstmtIsValid(), hstmtLogicalToDisplay(), hstmtLogicalToOdbc(), hstmtNormalize(), hstmtSet()


method %CloseCursor() as %Status
Inherited description: This method is expected to be overridden by concrete subclasses
method %Get(colname As %String = "") as %Library.String
Inherited description: Returns the value of the column with the name pColumnName in the current row of the result set.

If pColumnName is not a valid column name, this method returns an empty string.

method %GetData(colnbr As %Integer) as %Library.String
Inherited description: Returns the value of column pColumnNumber in the current row of the result set.
method %Next(ByRef sc As %Library.Status) as %Library.Integer
Inherited description: Advance the procedural result set cursor to the next row. Returns 0 if the cursor is at the end of the result set or if an error was encountered. Errors are reported in dynamic SQL using the %SQLCODE and %Message properties of the statement result. An optional argument will contain a %Status value on return. This %Status value indicates success or failure of the %Next call but it should be considered to be a secondary error reporting interface, %SQLCODE being the primary error reporting mechanism. This implementation can be overridden by classes that implement the procedural cursor interface.
method %Print(pDelimiter As %Library.String = " ") as %Status
Inherited description: Print the contents of the current row on the current device.
method %SendODBC() as %Integer
Inherited description: Fetch and send a series of rows for the ODBC/JDBC server. For internal use only.
method CreateStaticRS(ByRef sqcon As %Library.ObjectHandle) as %Library.Status
method NextResult() as %Library.RegisteredObject
Inherited description: Called to return the next resultset object. This also removes the reference to the existing object so it can cleanup and close itself

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