class %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Annotation.Utils

Method Inventory


classmethod EraseAnnotationDataForModule(pModuleName As %String) as %Status
classmethod PopCommentLine(ByRef tWorkingCommentBlock As %Library.RawString) as %String
utility to pop the first line from a %Library.RawString
classmethod PopWhitespacePiece(ByRef pWorkingString As %Library.RawString) as %String
utility method that works like using $piece(foo, " ",...) to find the first set of non-whitespace text from a string, extract it, and trim down the remainder. But instead of matching a single space it uses %Regex.Matcher to match 1-or-more whitespace characters. If no whitespace is found, it just returns the original string and sets the original string to empty.
classmethod ProcessAnnotationsForModule(pModuleName As %String, pListOfModulesDependedOn As %Library.List = "", Output pAnnotationXML As %Stream.TmpCharacter, Output pWarnings As %Library.ListOfDataTypes(ELEMENTTYPE="%Library.String")) as %Status