class %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Processor.Default.Package extends %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Processor.Default.Document

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parameter DESCRIPTION = Standard resource processor for packages of classes included in a module.;
Description of resource processor class (shown in UI)
parameter EXTENSION = CLS;
Inherited description: May be set to determine the value of Extension based on a static value rather than based on the resource name. The only expected use case at this point is class packages (.PKG, but Extension will be .CLS)
parameter NAMEPOSTFIX = .;
Inherited description: When a module is loaded in developer mode, this is appended to the resource name in ^Sources - e.g., ^Sources(..Extension, _..#NAMEPOSTFIX) The only expected use case at this point is class packages (.PKG, but Extension will be .CLS)


property Directory as %String) [ InitialExpression = "cls" ];
Inherited description: Directory relative to module root containing the exported resource. Defaults to the resource's extension (lower-case) if unspecified.
Property methods: DirectoryDisplayToLogical(), DirectoryGet(), DirectoryIsValid(), DirectoryLogicalToDisplay(), DirectoryLogicalToOdbc(), DirectoryNormalize(), DirectorySet()
property Format as %String (VALUELIST = ",UDL,XML");
Export format
Property methods: FormatDisplayToLogical(), FormatGet(), FormatIsValid(), FormatLogicalToDisplay(), FormatLogicalToOdbc(), FormatNormalize(), FormatSet()
property LoadAsDirectory as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Inherited description: If true (default is false), the resource is loaded as a directory.
Property methods: LoadAsDirectoryDisplayToLogical(), LoadAsDirectoryGet(), LoadAsDirectoryIsValid(), LoadAsDirectoryLogicalToDisplay(), LoadAsDirectoryNormalize(), LoadAsDirectorySet()


method OnConfigureMappings(ByRef pParams) as %Status
Subclasses may override to customize mapping behavior at the beginning of the Reload phase.
method OnExportItem(pFullExportPath As %String, pItemName As %String, ByRef pItemParams, ByRef pParams, Output pItemHandled As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
method OnItemRelativePath(pItemName As %String) as %String
Returns the path relative to the module root for item pItemName within this resource.
method OnResolveChildren(ByRef pResourceArray As %Library.String, pCheckModuleOwnership As %Library.Boolean) as %Status
Inherited description: Enumerate all documents contained in the resource being processed.
@Argument pResourceArray ByRef: array of the following format: pResourceArray() = pResourceArray(, ) = value of resource reference property for given document

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