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class SYS.Mirroring.GetMirroringInformationSoap extends %SOAP.WebClient

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parameter LOCATION =;
This is the URL used to access the web service.
parameter NAMESPACE = http://www.intersystems.com/mirroring;
This is the namespace used by the Service
Use xsi:type attribute for literal types.
parameter SERVICENAME = GetMirroringInformation;
This is the name of the Service
parameter SOAPVERSION = 1.1;
This is the SOAP version supported by the service.

Methods (Including Private)

final method GetDatabaseSizeProperties(MirrorDatabaseName As %String, Output Status As %Status) as %List [ Language = objectscript, WebMethod ]
final method GetFailoverMemberInformation(MirrorSetName As %String, Output Status As %Status) as Config.MapMirrors [ Language = objectscript, WebMethod ]

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