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class EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.FileService extends EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.Standard

Business Service to consume data from files using the RecordMap parsing framework.

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parameter ADAPTER = EnsLib.File.InboundAdapter;
Inherited description: The type of adapter used to communicate with external systems
parameter SETTINGS = FatalErrors,SkipRecordParsingErrors;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property FatalErrors as %String (VALUELIST = ",Any,ParseOnly") [ InitialExpression = "Any" ];
An error saving an individual Record, such as a validation error, will be treated as fatal and end the processing of the message when the setting is "Any".
If "ParseOnly" is selected, errors when saving individual Records will not be treated as fatal, and parsing of the message will continue after logging an error log and skipping the errored record.
If AlertOnError is enabled, an alert will be sent for a save error when "ParseOnly" is selected.
The default is "Any".
Property methods: FatalErrorsDisplayToLogical(), FatalErrorsGet(), FatalErrorsIsValid(), FatalErrorsLogicalToDisplay(), FatalErrorsLogicalToOdbc(), FatalErrorsNormalize(), FatalErrorsSet()
property SkipRecordParsingErrors as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
By default errors parsing data into a record such as ErrQuoteCharMismatch will be treated as fatal and end the processing of the message.
These parsing errors are those detected before the record is saved.
If this setting is enabled, errors when parsing the data into a record before saving is attempted will not be treated as fatal, no attempt will be made to try to save the record and parsing of the message will continue.
Note the record data may become out of alignment.
If this setting is enabled and AlertOnError is enabled, an alert will be sent when such an error is encountered.
Property methods: SkipRecordParsingErrorsDisplayToLogical(), SkipRecordParsingErrorsGet(), SkipRecordParsingErrorsIsValid(), SkipRecordParsingErrorsLogicalToDisplay(), SkipRecordParsingErrorsNormalize(), SkipRecordParsingErrorsSet()


method OnProcessInput(pInput As %Stream.Object, Output pOutput As %RegisteredObject, ByRef pHint As %String) as %Status
Parse the incoming file and send the resulting objects to the targets in TargetConfigNames.

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