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abstract class HS.Util.SystemAPIMethods

Methods that can be invoked by internal API calls to ##class(HS.Util.SystemAPI).Invoke

Method Inventory


classmethod AddUpdateRoleCustom(pRole As %String, pCustomList As %Library.List) [ Language = objectscript ]
Either adds the system level role or updates it in a custom manner based on the provided parameters.
@Argument pRole Name of the role.
@Argument pCustomList A $ListBuild list of properties to use, with a flag for each for custom behavior as follows:
Flag = 0 means override with the provided value
Flag = 1 means append to existing value
No flag defaults to 0
If no value is provided, the property will not be populated
Format of list: $ListBuild("Description~flag", "Resources~flag", "GrantedRoles~flag")
classmethod UpdateCSPPercentAccess(pGrantType As %String, pCSPApplication As %String, pAccessItem As %String, pAccessEnabled As %Boolean) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
pGrantType := "AllowClass" | "AllowPrefix" pCSPApplication := csp application with leading and trailing "/" pAccessItem := classname | prefix pAccessEnabled := 1 | 0


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