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class %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Core.WorkMgr extends %SYSTEM.WorkMgr

Effectively makes MAK4715 for pre-2017.2 platform versions.
This makes the %workqueue variable available in callbacks.

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method Wait(qspec As %Library.String, ByRef AtEnd As %Library.Boolean, timeout As %Library.Integer = -1) as %Status
After work has been queued this will wait for a signal from a callback to exit back to the caller. This is done by in the callback queued with QueueCallback() setting the public variable '%exit' to 1. This method returns AtEnd to show whether all the work is complete or there are still items outstanding.
method WaitForComplete(qspec As %String, errorlog As %String) as %Status
After work has been queued this will wait for all the workers to complete. It will display any output the work writes to the current device and it will also combine all the %Status codes that the units of work report and return this combined %Status. If there are no workers then this will execute all the work in this main job during this phase. When this returns all the work queued up to this point has been completed. Also this is the phase that will run the QueueCallback() callbacks as the workers jobs report that various units are complete.

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