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abstract class %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.IConfigurable

Interface for classes that require some level of configuration. SETTINGS and DESCRIPTION are used to dynamically populate %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Extension.PackageManager.UI.Configuration with all classes that implement IConfigurable.

Method Inventory


parameter DESCRIPTION;
A string to show in the grouping of settings for this class
parameter SETTINGS;
A delimited string in the format: Key:Description[|Key:Description...]


abstract classmethod ClearSettingValue(pName As %String) as %Status
Clears value of setting pName
classmethod GetSettingType(pName As %String) as %String
Returns the datatype of a setting, as one of: boolean, string The default implementation is to always return "string"
abstract classmethod GetSettingValue(pName As %String) as %String
Clears value of setting pName
final classmethod ListSettingsClose(ByRef qHandle As %Binary) as %Status
final classmethod ListSettingsExecute(ByRef qHandle As %Binary) as %Status
final classmethod ListSettingsFetch(ByRef qHandle As %Binary, ByRef Row As %List, ByRef AtEnd As %Integer = 0) as %Status
abstract classmethod SetSettingValue(pName As %String, pValue As %String) as %Status
Sets setting pName to pValue. Should return an error %Status if pValue is invalid.
abstract classmethod SettingIsDefined(pName As %String) as %Boolean
Returns true if a value is defined for setting pName.


query ListSettings()
Selects Source As %String, SourceDescription As %String, Name As %String, Description As %String, Defined As %Boolean, Value As %String, IsFirstForSource As %Boolean, DataType As %String
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