class %CSP.Monitor.Server extends %SOAP.WebService

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parameter NAMESPACE = http://tempuri.org;
This is the namespace of the web service
parameter SERVICENAME = SOAPMonitor;
This is the name of the web service.
parameter SOAPSESSION = 1;
Inherited description: When SOAPSESSION = 1, then the returned response will have a session header added to allow the web client to continue the session. Subsequent requests by the client could then contain the session header to maintain the session.

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classmethod GetMatrix(Type As %String = "Cache", Parameter As %String = "") as %CSP.Monitor.Matrix [ Language = objectscript, WebMethod ]
final method MessageSearch(FilterObjStr As %Stream.GlobalCharacter, Timeout As %Numeric = -1, NextId As %Integer = 0, Type As %String = "Search") as %XML.DataSet [ Language = objectscript, WebMethod ]
final method ResendDuplicatedMessage(OriginalHeaderId As %String, OriginalHeader As %Stream.GlobalBinary, NewTarget As %String, NewBody As %Stream.GlobalBinary, NewSource As %String, HeadOfQueue As %Boolean, pBodyUseOriginalNode As %String) as %String [ Language = objectscript, WebMethod ]
Returns NewHeaderId
classmethod getCacheMatrix(Output pMatrix As %CSP.Monitor.Matrix, pParameter As %String = "") as %String [ Language = objectscript ]
classmethod returnStatusError(pStatusCode As %Status) [ Language = objectscript ]

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