abstract persistent class %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Client.ServerDefinition extends %Library.Persistent, %ZEN.DataModel.Adaptor

SQL Table Name: %ZHSLIB_PackageManager_Client.ServerDefinition

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parameter DISPLAYNAME;
Display name for this type of repository, shown in the UI and package manager shell.
parameter DOMAIN = HSPM;
Inherited description: Localization domain. DataModel classes that wish to support localization must provide a value for this within subclasses.
parameter MONIKER;
Short/logical name for this type of repository, used in the package manager shell as an alternative to the full class name.


property Details as %String);
Property methods: DetailsCompute(), DetailsDisplayToLogical(), DetailsGet(), DetailsGetStored(), DetailsIsValid(), DetailsLogicalToDisplay(), DetailsLogicalToOdbc(), DetailsNormalize(), DetailsSQLCompute(), DetailsSet(), DetailsSetT()
property Enabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Property methods: EnabledDisplayToLogical(), EnabledGet(), EnabledGetStored(), EnabledIsValid(), EnabledLogicalToDisplay(), EnabledNormalize(), EnabledSet()
property Name as %String [ Required ];
Property methods: NameDisplayToLogical(), NameGet(), NameGetStored(), NameIsValid(), NameLogicalToDisplay(), NameLogicalToOdbc(), NameNormalize(), NameSet()
property Prereleases as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Property methods: PrereleasesDisplayToLogical(), PrereleasesGet(), PrereleasesGetStored(), PrereleasesIsValid(), PrereleasesLogicalToDisplay(), PrereleasesNormalize(), PrereleasesSet()
property ReadOnly as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Boolean flag indicating that modules installed from this repository are ALWAYS installed in non-developer mode.
Property methods: ReadOnlyDisplayToLogical(), ReadOnlyGet(), ReadOnlyGetStored(), ReadOnlyIsValid(), ReadOnlyLogicalToDisplay(), ReadOnlyNormalize(), ReadOnlySet()
property Snapshots as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Property methods: SnapshotsDisplayToLogical(), SnapshotsGet(), SnapshotsGetStored(), SnapshotsIsValid(), SnapshotsLogicalToDisplay(), SnapshotsNormalize(), SnapshotsSet()


classmethod CatalogClose(ByRef qHandle As %Binary) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
classmethod CatalogExecute(ByRef qHandle As %Binary) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
classmethod CatalogFetch(ByRef qHandle As %Binary, ByRef Row As %List, ByRef AtEnd As %Integer = 0) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
final classmethod Configure(pInteractive As %Boolean = 1, ByRef pModifiers, ByRef pData, pExpectedType As %Dictionary.Classname = "") as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Called from package manager shell to create or update an instance of this class. Acceptable values in pModifiers and pData may vary between classes, but some (such as "name", "enabled", "snapshots", and "prereleases") are common to all. For a full list of modifiers, see the Commands XDATA block in %ZHSLIB.PackageManager. If specified, pExpectedType will be compared against the full classname of the existing instance matched by pModifiers("name"); an error will be returned if they do not match.
method Display() [ Language = objectscript ]
Outputs information about this server to the current device. Subclasses may override to show additional information, but should typically call ##super() at the beginning.
abstract method GetPackageService() as %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Core.IPackageService [ Language = objectscript ]
Returns a SOAP client to interact with this server.
abstract method GetPublishService() as %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Core.IPublishService [ Language = objectscript ]
Returns a SOAP client to publish modules/applications to this server. If publishing modules/applications is not supported, returns $$$NULLOREF. Errors are thrown as exceptions.
abstract private method GetSortOrder() as %Integer [ Language = objectscript ]
Subclasses must override. Orders repositories by type and possibly other factors.
abstract classmethod OnConfigure(pInstance As %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Client.ServerDefinition, pInteractive As %Boolean = 1, ByRef pModifiers, ByRef pData) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Subclasses must override. Allows handling of any custom modifiers/data attributes provided from the package manager shell.
classmethod SortOrder(pID As %String) as %Integer [ Language = objectscript, SQLProc = ServerDefinition_SortOrder ]


query Catalog()
Selects Classname As %String, Moniker As %String, Description As %String


index (IDKEY on ) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()
index (ServerDefinitionKey on Name) [Unique];
Index methods: ServerDefinitionKeyCheck(), ServerDefinitionKeyCheckUnique(), ServerDefinitionKeyDelete(), ServerDefinitionKeyExists(), ServerDefinitionKeyOpen(), ServerDefinitionKeySQLCheckUnique(), ServerDefinitionKeySQLExists(), ServerDefinitionKeySQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), ServerDefinitionKeySQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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