class %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Processor.CSPApplication extends %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Processor.Abstract, %XML.Adaptor, %Installer.CSPApplication

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parameter ATTRIBUTES;
Inherited description: Comma-separated list of resource attribute names that this processor uses
parameter DESCRIPTION = Facilitates CSP application definition/configuration during module installation process.;
Description of resource processor class (shown in UI)
parameter XMLNAME = PackageManagerCSPApplication;
Overridden to avoid issues in %Installer generation
parameter XMLTYPE = PackageManagerCSPApplication;
Overridden to avoid issues in %Installer generation


property CookiePath as %String (MAXLEN = 256) [ Required ];
Cookie Path
Property methods: CookiePathDisplayToLogical(), CookiePathGet(), CookiePathIsValid(), CookiePathLogicalToDisplay(), CookiePathLogicalToOdbc(), CookiePathNormalize(), CookiePathSet()
property DeepSeeEnabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
DeepSee Enabled
Property methods: DeepSeeEnabledDisplayToLogical(), DeepSeeEnabledGet(), DeepSeeEnabledIsValid(), DeepSeeEnabledLogicalToDisplay(), DeepSeeEnabledLogicalToXSD(), DeepSeeEnabledNormalize(), DeepSeeEnabledSet(), DeepSeeEnabledXSDToLogical()
property DelegatedAuthEnabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Delegated authentication enabled
Property methods: DelegatedAuthEnabledDisplayToLogical(), DelegatedAuthEnabledGet(), DelegatedAuthEnabledIsValid(), DelegatedAuthEnabledLogicalToDisplay(), DelegatedAuthEnabledLogicalToXSD(), DelegatedAuthEnabledNormalize(), DelegatedAuthEnabledSet(), DelegatedAuthEnabledXSDToLogical()
property Directory as %String (ATTRIBUTEREQUIRED = 0, MAXLEN = 1024) [ Required ];
Physical path for CSP files
Property methods: DirectoryDisplayToLogical(), DirectoryGet(), DirectoryIsValid(), DirectoryLogicalToDisplay(), DirectoryLogicalToOdbc(), DirectoryNormalize(), DirectorySet()
property DispatchClass as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
If defined, this will dispatch all requests in this CSP application to this one class
Property methods: DispatchClassDisplayToLogical(), DispatchClassGet(), DispatchClassIsValid(), DispatchClassLogicalToDisplay(), DispatchClassLogicalToOdbc(), DispatchClassNormalize(), DispatchClassSet()
property Enabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Property methods: EnabledDisplayToLogical(), EnabledGet(), EnabledIsValid(), EnabledLogicalToDisplay(), EnabledLogicalToXSD(), EnabledNormalize(), EnabledSet(), EnabledXSDToLogical()
property KerberosAuthEnabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Kerberos authentication enabled
Property methods: KerberosAuthEnabledDisplayToLogical(), KerberosAuthEnabledGet(), KerberosAuthEnabledIsValid(), KerberosAuthEnabledLogicalToDisplay(), KerberosAuthEnabledLogicalToXSD(), KerberosAuthEnabledNormalize(), KerberosAuthEnabledSet(), KerberosAuthEnabledXSDToLogical()
property LoginTokenEnabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Login token authentication enabled
Property methods: LoginTokenEnabledDisplayToLogical(), LoginTokenEnabledGet(), LoginTokenEnabledIsValid(), LoginTokenEnabledLogicalToDisplay(), LoginTokenEnabledLogicalToXSD(), LoginTokenEnabledNormalize(), LoginTokenEnabledSet(), LoginTokenEnabledXSDToLogical()
property MatchRoles as %String (MAXLEN = 32767);
Mapping of Match Roles to added Target Role
Property methods: MatchRolesDisplayToLogical(), MatchRolesGet(), MatchRolesIsValid(), MatchRolesLogicalToDisplay(), MatchRolesLogicalToOdbc(), MatchRolesNormalize(), MatchRolesSet()
property PasswordAuthEnabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Password authentication enabled
Property methods: PasswordAuthEnabledDisplayToLogical(), PasswordAuthEnabledGet(), PasswordAuthEnabledIsValid(), PasswordAuthEnabledLogicalToDisplay(), PasswordAuthEnabledLogicalToXSD(), PasswordAuthEnabledNormalize(), PasswordAuthEnabledSet(), PasswordAuthEnabledXSDToLogical()
property UnauthenticatedEnabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Unauthenticated access enabled
Property methods: UnauthenticatedEnabledDisplayToLogical(), UnauthenticatedEnabledGet(), UnauthenticatedEnabledIsValid(), UnauthenticatedEnabledLogicalToDisplay(), UnauthenticatedEnabledLogicalToXSD(), UnauthenticatedEnabledNormalize(), UnauthenticatedEnabledSet(), UnauthenticatedEnabledXSDToLogical()
property iKnowEnabled as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
iKnow Enabled
Property methods: iKnowEnabledDisplayToLogical(), iKnowEnabledGet(), iKnowEnabledIsValid(), iKnowEnabledLogicalToDisplay(), iKnowEnabledLogicalToXSD(), iKnowEnabledNormalize(), iKnowEnabledSet(), iKnowEnabledXSDToLogical()


private method %OnNew(pResourceReference As %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.ResourceReference) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Inherited description: This callback method is invoked by the %New() method to provide notification that a new instance of an object is being created.

If this method returns an error then the object will not be created.

It is passed the arguments provided in the %New call. When customizing this method, override the arguments with whatever variables and types you expect to receive from %New(). For example, if you're going to call %New, passing 2 arguments, %OnNew's signature could be:

Method %OnNew(dob as %Date = "", name as %Name = "") as %Status If instead of returning a %Status code this returns an oref and this oref is a subclass of the current class then this oref will be the one returned to the caller of %New method.

classmethod GetInheritedProperties() as %String [ Language = objectscript ]
Utility method - run this to come up with SETTINGS list.
method GetSourceControlInfo(Output pInfo As %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Extension.SourceControl.ResourceInfo) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnAfterPhase(pPhase As %String, ByRef pParams) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnBeforeArtifact(pExportDirectory As %String, pWorkingDirectory As %String, ByRef pParams) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnBeforePhase(pPhase As %String, ByRef pParams) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnGetUniqueName(Output pUniqueName) [ Language = objectscript ]
Returns a unique name for this resource. Default implementation, leaving pUniqueName undefined, reverts to default behavior. An empty string indicates guaranteed uniqueness (useful for folders relative to module root)
method OnItemRelativePath(pItemName As %String) as %String [ Language = objectscript ]
Returns the path relative to the module root for item pItemName within this resource.
private method OnPhaseInternal(pTime As %String, pPhase As %String, ByRef pParams) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]

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