class %ZHSLIB.HealthShareMgr extends %Library.EnsembleMgr

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parameter RequiredStartupItemBase = %ZHSLIB.AbstractStartupItem;


classmethod AddDelegated() as %Boolean
For HealthShare, this is called to enable system wide delegated authentication. Returns 0 if no changes were made.
classmethod CheckDBInstalled(pDB="") as %Boolean
classmethod ComponentUpgrade(pDB="", pPreviousVersion="", pVerbose=0) as %Status
classmethod ComponentVersion(pDB As %String = "", Output pVersion As %String = "", pConfigItem As %Persistent = "") as %Status
Version of the installed Component version
classmethod ConfigureComponent(pDB="", pNamespace="", pVerbose=0, ByRef pVars) as %Status
Add mappings for a Namespace and additional configuration items ##class(%ZHSLIB.HealthShareMgr).ConfigureComponent("HSPILIB","HSREGISTRY",$g(pVerbose),.pVars)
classmethod CopyLocalClass(pClass, pFromNS) as %Status
called from Installer.Install subclasses to copy localized classes from the library to HSCUSTOM, if they aren't already there
classmethod DefineLibraryDBs(pVerbose) as %Status
classmethod EnableFoundationNamespace(pTargetNS As %String, pVerbose As %Boolean = 0, ByRef pIsPrimary As %Boolean = 1, pFromEnableEnsemble As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Deprecated call, replaced with EnableHealthShareNamespace
classmethod EnableHealthShareNamespace(pTargetNS As %String, pVerbose As %Boolean = 0, ByRef pIsPrimary As %Boolean = 1, pFromEnableEnsemble As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Create Foundation namespace pFromEnableEnsemble is for when this gets called by %Library.EnsembleMgr. In that case, a database has already been created, and we're enabling the namespace for Ensemble
classmethod GetAuthNS() as %String
Namespace to use for executing calls to Hub / Registry
classmethod GetCSPAppPath(pApplication="") as %String
classmethod GetHealthShareNamespaceIsAllInOnePatientIndex(pNamespace=$namespace) as %Boolean
Returns true if the namespace contains an All-In-One Patient Index configuration
classmethod GetHealthShareNamespaceType(pNamespace=$namespace) as %String
Returns Hub, EdgeGateway, etc., or null if the namespace is not a HealthShare component namespace
classmethod InitializeHealthShare(pVerbose As %Boolean = 0, pHSLib As %String = ..#HSLIB, ByRef pIsPrimary As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
Initialize HealthShare
classmethod InsertStartupItem(pClass As %String) as %Status
API method for adding an item to the startup table.
- pClass: (required) Class name for startup item. Will be treated as unique - multiple adds of the same class will end up with only single startup item. Class must extend %ZHSLIB.AbstractStartupItem either directly or indirectly.
classmethod InstallComponent(pDB="", pVerbose=0, pDev=0) as %Status
classmethod InstanceType() as %Integer
0 - HealthShare $$$HSisHealthShare 1 - Connect $$$HSisHealthConnect 2 - IRISforHealth $$$HSisIRISforHealth
classmethod IsAuditInstance(Output pAuditDB As %String) as %Boolean
This is used as we are configuring audit database connections
classmethod IsFoundationInstalled() as %Boolean
Deprecated - should no longer be used
classmethod IsHealthConnectInstance() as %Boolean
classmethod IsHealthShareInstalled() as %Boolean
Checks for HealthShare installation
classmethod IsHealthShareInstance() as %Boolean
classmethod IsHealthShareNamespace(pNamespace=$namespace) as %Boolean
Checks if current namespace is HealthShare-enabled Called by %Library.EnsembleMgr
classmethod IsIRISHealthInstance() as %Boolean
classmethod IsRunningAuditInstance(Output pAuditDB As %String) as %Boolean
This is used at runtime to decide how we are going to audit - locally in the current namespace (for Foundation), locally in the registry namespace for old configurations, locally in the HSAUDIT database if either the registry instance is configured for audit or if we have an AuditRepository configured, or otherwise remotely. A non primary mirror member can't be the audit instance
classmethod LoadLocalizedMessages(pDB, pVerbose) as %Status
classmethod MapComponent(pDB="", pNamespace="", pVerbose=0) as %Status
Add mappings for a Namespace (to a component) ##class(%ZHSLIB.HealthShareMgr).MapComponent("HSPILIB","HSREGISTRY",$g(pVerbose))
classmethod MapZAUTHENTICATE(pHSLib, pVerbose) as %Status
map zauthenticate into HSLIB, but only on new Installs and only for HealthShare (not HealthConnect or IRIS for Health)
classmethod MapZHSLIB(pTargetNamespace=$namespace) as %Status
classmethod MapZHSLIBForAll() as %Status
classmethod OnStartHealthShare(pIsStartup As %Boolean = 0)
Will happen on startup as well as when we become primary
classmethod RemoveENSDEMO()
classmethod RemoveMPRLLIB() as %Status
Upgrades for HealthConnect / IRIS for Health
classmethod RemoveStartupItem(pClass As %String) as %Status
API method for removing an item from the startup table.
- pClass: (required) Class name for startup item to remove.
classmethod ReportPackageHash(pStream As %Stream.GlobalCharacter = $$$NULLOREF, pPackage As %String = "HS") as %Status
Report class hash information and summarize with a SHA1 hash
classmethod ResetComponent(pDB="", pNamespace="", pVerbose=0) as %Status
Method called when user is trying to clear out patient data, but leave configuration information
classmethod TypeFoundationNamespaces() as %Status
classmethod UnInstallComponent(pDB="", pVerbose=0) as %Status
classmethod UnconfigureComponent(pDB="", pNamespace="", pVerbose=0, pPurgeFiles=0, ByRef pVars) as %Status
Remove mappings for a Namespace (to a component) ##class(%ZHSLIB.HealthShareMgr).UnconfigureComponent("HSPILIB","HSREGISTRY",$g(pVerbose))
classmethod UpdateComponentsVersion()
for HealthConnect and IRISforHealth update the Version information
classmethod UpdateEnsembleCSPApplicationForNamespace(pNamespace As %String) as %Boolean
Helper method to update the CSP application under /csp/ that may be created automatically for some Ensemble-enabled namespaces to have a Session Events class. The method returns a boolean to indicate whether an update was performed. This method throws exceptions.
classmethod UpdateSystemWebAppsAutheEnabled() as %Status
For HealthShare, update IRIS web apps for which we want to support delegated authentication.
classmethod UpdateXSLTFiles()
classmethod UpgradeFoundationNS() as %Status
Upgrade Foundation type namespaces
classmethod ValidateComponent(pDB="", pVerbose=0) as %Status
classmethod VersionInfo(pMultiLine=0) as %String
Return the version information for the core technology and all components installed pMultiLine = 1 is used/parsed by %SYSTEM.Version, so we can't change its format

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