serial class %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Client.P4Workspace.ClientSpec extends %Library.SerialObject

Captures important information about the current Perforce workspace's client specification - the root and client view. This is used to provide an equivalent to "p4 where" when Perforce is unavailable. Property names should match the field names in the output from "p4 client -o"; this class may also be extended at some point to allow editing of the current workspace view.

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property Client as %String (MAXLEN = 255);
The name of the Perforce workspace
Property methods: ClientDisplayToLogical(), ClientGet(), ClientIsValid(), ClientLogicalToDisplay(), ClientLogicalToOdbc(), ClientNormalize(), ClientSet()
property Root as %String (MAXLEN = 255);
The filesystem root of the Perforce workspace
Property methods: RootDisplayToLogical(), RootGet(), RootIsValid(), RootLogicalToDisplay(), RootLogicalToOdbc(), RootNormalize(), RootSet()
property View as array of %String (MAXLEN = 255);
Map of (depot path) to (workspace-relative path)
Property methods: ViewBuildValueArray(), ViewCollectionToDisplay(), ViewCollectionToOdbc(), ViewDisplayToCollection(), ViewDisplayToLogical(), ViewGet(), ViewGetObject(), ViewGetObjectId(), ViewGetSwizzled(), ViewIsValid(), ViewLogicalToDisplay(), ViewLogicalToOdbc(), ViewNormalize(), ViewOdbcToCollection(), ViewSet(), ViewSetObject(), ViewSetObjectId()


method AddToView(pDepotPath As %String, pMapTo As %String) as %Status
method GetDepotPathForLocal(pLocalPath As %String, Output pDepotPath As %String) as %Status
Given a local filepath (pLocalPath), returns in pDepotPath the corresponding depot path.
method GetLocalPathForDepot(pDepotPath As %String, Output pLocalPath As %String) as %Status
Given a file/folder path in the depot (pDepotPath), returns in pLocalPath the corresponding filesystem path.
method SaveView() as %Status
method UpdateForCurrentWorkspace(Output pModified As %Boolean) as %Status
Populates an instance of this object for the current workspace.

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