abstract class %DeepSee.Connector.ResultSet extends %SQL.CustomResultSet

This is the base class for Custom ResultSets generated by DeepSee Connectors.

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parameter CONNECTOR;
Name of connector class that created this result set.


property %connector as %DeepSee.DataConnector [ Private ];
DataConnector object that owns this result set instance.
Property methods: %connectorGet(), %connectorGetSwizzled(), %connectorIsValid(), %connectorNewObject(), %connectorSet()
property %sourceResultSet as %SQL.IResultSet [ Private ];
Source Result Set object that provides the records to the connector. It is also possible to create a DataConnector without a source result set. In that case, this property will be set to "".
Property methods: %sourceResultSetGet(), %sourceResultSetGetSwizzled(), %sourceResultSetIsValid(), %sourceResultSetNewObject(), %sourceResultSetSet()


method %CloseCursor() as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Close the source result set.
method %Next(ByRef pSC As %Library.Status = $$$OK) as %Library.Integer [ Language = objectscript ]
Actual implementation is generated in a subclass.
method %OpenCursor(pRowCount As %Integer = 100) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Initialize the result set.

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