class %ZEN.SVGComponent.lightBar extends %ZEN.SVGComponent.meter

SVG light bar meter.
This displays a value within a representation of a LED light bar.
This control looks best when its width is half of its height.

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Override viewBoxWidth for this component.


property highLampColor as %ZEN.Datatype.color [ InitialExpression = "url(#glow-red)" ];
Fill color used for high indicator lamp.
Property methods: highLampColorDisplayToLogical(), highLampColorGet(), highLampColorIsValid(), highLampColorLogicalToDisplay(), highLampColorLogicalToOdbc(), highLampColorNormalize(), highLampColorSet()
property lowLampColor as %ZEN.Datatype.color [ InitialExpression = "url(#glow-red)" ];
Fill color used for low indicator lamp.
Property methods: lowLampColorDisplayToLogical(), lowLampColorGet(), lowLampColorIsValid(), lowLampColorLogicalToDisplay(), lowLampColorLogicalToOdbc(), lowLampColorNormalize(), lowLampColorSet()
property outerBodyStyle as %ZEN.Datatype.style;
Optional. Style applied to outer region.
Property methods: outerBodyStyleDisplayToLogical(), outerBodyStyleGet(), outerBodyStyleIsValid(), outerBodyStyleLogicalToDisplay(), outerBodyStyleLogicalToOdbc(), outerBodyStyleNormalize(), outerBodyStyleSet()


clientmethod renderMeter() [ Language = javascript ]
Render the inner SVG contents of this component.
clientmethod setProperty(property, value, value2) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the value of a named property.
clientmethod updateLamps(animate) [ Language = javascript ]
Internal method: update lamps

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