abstract class %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Extension.PackageManager.UI.OutputCaptureSocket extends %CSP.WebSocket

General web socket support to send process output back to the client via I/O redirection.

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parameter CSPURL = "/isc/studio/templates/"_$classname()_".cls";
Lock down access to this class to the /isc/studio/templates/ web application.
parameter SECURITYRESOURCE = %Development:USE;
All CSP/Zen pages in the package manager require USE permissions on the %Development resource.


property OriginalDevice as %String;
Property methods: OriginalDeviceDisplayToLogical(), OriginalDeviceGet(), OriginalDeviceIsValid(), OriginalDeviceLogicalToDisplay(), OriginalDeviceLogicalToOdbc(), OriginalDeviceNormalize(), OriginalDeviceSet()
property OriginalMnemonic as %String;
Property methods: OriginalMnemonicDisplayToLogical(), OriginalMnemonicGet(), OriginalMnemonicIsValid(), OriginalMnemonicLogicalToDisplay(), OriginalMnemonicLogicalToOdbc(), OriginalMnemonicNormalize(), OriginalMnemonicSet()
property OriginallyRedirected as %Boolean;
Property methods: OriginallyRedirectedDisplayToLogical(), OriginallyRedirectedGet(), OriginallyRedirectedIsValid(), OriginallyRedirectedLogicalToDisplay(), OriginallyRedirectedNormalize(), OriginallyRedirectedSet()


method EndOutputCapture() as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnPreServer() as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Event handler for the PreServer event: this is invoked before starting the WebSockets Server. Changes to the SharedConnection flag must be made here.
method SendJSON(pObject As %Library.DynamicAbstractObject) [ Language = objectscript ]
method Server() as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Inherited description: The WebSocket Server. Use the Read() and Write() methods to receive data from, and send data to, the client. Call the EndServer() method to gracefully terminate the WebSocket Server. A WebSocket operating asynchronously (SharedConnection=1) can exit this method (using Quit) and subsequently open the WebSocket using the OpenServer() method.
method StartOutputCapture() as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]

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