abstract class %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Processor.Abstract extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Superclass for all classes used to process lifecycle events for resources

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parameter ATTRIBUTES;
Comma-separated list of resource attribute names that this processor uses
parameter DESCRIPTION;
Description of resource processor class (shown in UI)


property ResourceReference as %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.ResourceReference (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE") [ Private ];
Property methods: ResourceReferenceGet(), ResourceReferenceGetObject(), ResourceReferenceGetObjectId(), ResourceReferenceGetSwizzled(), ResourceReferenceIsValid(), ResourceReferenceNewObject(), ResourceReferenceSet(), ResourceReferenceSetObject(), ResourceReferenceSetObjectId(), ResourceReferenceUnSwizzle()


private method %OnNew(pResourceReference As %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.ResourceReference) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Inherited description: This callback method is invoked by the %New() method to provide notification that a new instance of an object is being created.

If this method returns an error then the object will not be created.

It is passed the arguments provided in the %New call. When customizing this method, override the arguments with whatever variables and types you expect to receive from %New(). For example, if you're going to call %New, passing 2 arguments, %OnNew's signature could be:

Method %OnNew(dob as %Date = "", name as %Name = "") as %Status If instead of returning a %Status code this returns an oref and this oref is a subclass of the current class then this oref will be the one returned to the caller of %New method.

private classmethod %RegExReplace(pString, pRegEx, pValue) as %String [ Language = objectscript ]
method ApplyDefaults() [ Language = objectscript ]
private method CopyAttributes() [ Language = objectscript ]
private method CopyDefaultAttributes(pSource As %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.ModuleSetting.ProcessorDefault) [ Language = objectscript ]
Generated similarly to CopyAttributes()
classmethod GetAttributeMetadata(Output pMetaArray) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
classmethod GetDescription(pClassName As %String) as %String [ Language = objectscript, SQLProc = Abstract_GetDescription ]
method GetSourceControlInfo(Output pInfo As %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.Extension.SourceControl.ResourceInfo) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnAfterPhase(pPhase As %String, ByRef pParams) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnBeforeArtifact(pExportDirectory As %String, pWorkingDirectory As %String, ByRef pParams) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnBeforePhase(pPhase As %String, ByRef pParams) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnExportItem(pFullExportPath As %String, pItemName As %String, ByRef pItemParams, ByRef pParams, Output pItemHandled As %Boolean = 0) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method OnGetUniqueName(Output pUniqueName) [ Language = objectscript ]
Returns a unique name for this resource. Default implementation, leaving pUniqueName undefined, reverts to default behavior. An empty string indicates guaranteed uniqueness (useful for folders relative to module root)
method OnItemRelativePath(pItemName As %String) as %String [ Language = objectscript ]
Returns the path relative to the module root for item pItemName within this resource.
method OnPhase(pPhase As %String, ByRef pParams, Output pResourceHandled As %Boolean = 0) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Called as phase pPhase is executed for the resource. If pResourceHandled is set to true, then the default behavior for that resource will be bypassed in the current phase. Currently, this is only used in the Verify phase, because of different handling of intermediate error statuses. TODO: Implement for standard database resources (.INC, .CLS, etc.)
method OnResolveChildren(ByRef pResourceArray, pCheckModuleOwnership As %Boolean) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method SatisfiesCondition(pCondition As %ZHSLIB.PackageManager.Developer.ModuleSetting.ProcessorDefault.Condition) as %Boolean [ Language = objectscript ]

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