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abstract class HS.REST.AbstractParameter extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Abstract class to be extended by all classes representing parameters of a request

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parameter PathTemplate;
The path to be used as part of the request that is built using properties of this class. If there are properties that should be placed in the path, the path template will indicate the location of those properties by placing {propertyName} in the path.
parameter RawDataAsJSON = 0;
Indicates whether the raw data should be populated from properties as a %String (i.e. only one property which contains all the POST raw data) OR if raw data should be built as a %DynamicAbstractObject from the properties.


classmethod %%CheckClassValidity() as %Status
method GetRequestComponents(Output pPath As %String, Output pQuery, Output pHeaders, Output pFormData, Output pRawData As %String)
Using the properties of this class, populate the parameters necessary to create a request using HS.REST.Client.
@Argument pPath Path to use when calling the Send() of the request.
@Argument pQuery Subscripted array with key-value pairs corresponding to URL parameter key-value pairs (i.e. parameters after ? in the URL).
@Argument pHeaders Subscripted array with key-value pairs corresponding to headers of the request (e.g. ContentType, Authorization, etc.) @Argument pFormData Form data as a subscripted array of key-value pairs for the body of the request.
@Argument pRawData Raw data as a %String for the body of the request.

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