InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2018.1
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Getting Started
Welcome to InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. You are viewing the Learning Services resources at Use the items listed here to become acquainted with the product. Later, use the other views (listed on the left) to see categories of information and explore more deeply.
Welcome to the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 
Provides a video introduction to InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.
InterSystems IRIS Overview   
Provides a high-level overview of InterSystems IRIS.
Installation Guide   
Describes the process of installing InterSystems IRIS on your system.
Locating and Exploring Class Reference Documentation   
Describes how to locate and explore class reference documentation.
These brief documents provide a first look at key technologies and options within InterSystems IRIS.
First Look: Atelier with InterSystems Products   
Introduces the Atelier plug-in for Eclipse and shows you how to use it to create and run a simple class file.
First Look: Scaling Systems for User Volume with InterSystems Distributed Caching   
Introduces the use of distributed caching enabled by ECP to scale for user volume.
First Look: Deploying an InterSystems Sharded Cluster   
Introduces sharding and how it can be used to scale InterSystems-based applications for data volume.
First Look: Data Resiliency and Mirroring   
Introduces the crash recovery, high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities of InterSystems products.
First Look: JDBC and InterSystems Databases   
Introduces connecting to InterSystems databases via JDBC: quick facts, a look at shared memory connections, and a chance to try it for yourself.
First Look: InterSystems IRIS Native API for Java   
Introduces how to access InterSystems globals from a Java application using InterSystems IRIS Native.
First Look: Java Object Persistence with XEP   
Introduces how to store and retrieve persistent Java objects using the XEP object persistence API: quick facts, a hands-on demo, and comparison with other Java persistence options.
First Look: The Java Gateway and InterSystems Products   
Introduces the ability of InterSystems products to interoperate with Java components through the Java Gateway.
First Look: ADO.NET and InterSystems Products   
Introduces connecting to InterSystems products via the InterSystems ADO.NET Managed Provider.
First Look: The InterSystems .NET Gateway   
Introduces working with the InterSystems .NET Gateway.
First Look: ODBC and InterSystems Databases   
Introduces connecting to InterSystems databases via ODBC.
First Look: InterSystems SQL   
Introduces InterSystems SQL, the usage of common SQL statements with InterSystems products, and a unique way to optimize query performance.
First Look: Optimizing SQL Performance with InterSystems Products   
Introduces InterSystems SQL query optimization techniques.
First Look: Developing REST Interfaces in InterSystems Products   
Introduces developing REST interfaces in InterSystems products to provide access to databases and applications.
First Look: InterSystems Cloud Manager   
Introduces InterSystems Cloud Manager and shows you how to use it to deploy InterSystems products in a public cloud.
First Look: InterSystems Products in Docker Containers   
Introduces Docker containers and running InterSystems products in containers.
First Look: SQL Search with InterSystems Products   
Introduces support for SQL text search, which provides semantic context searching of unstructured text data.
First Look: Text Analytics with InterSystems Products   
Introduces support for Natural Language Processing (NLP) text analytics, which provides semantic analysis of unstructured text data in a variety of natural languages.
First Look: Role-Based Access Control   
Introduces role–based access control in InterSystems products: quick facts and a chance to try it for yourself.
First Look: LDAP and InterSystems Products   
Introduces using an LDAP server to authenticate and assign privileges to users of InterSystems products.
First Look: Database Encryption   
Provides a brief, simple, hands-on introduction to InterSystems database encryption tools.
First Look: The InterSystems Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)   
Introduces public-key cryptography, Certificate Authorities (CAs), and PKI as available in InterSystems products.
Quick Start: InterSystems IRIS Installation   
Guides the user through a single-instance installation of InterSystems IRIS for use with First Look guides.
First Look: Connecting Systems Using Java Business Hosts   
Introduces creating business services and operations using Java Business Hosts.
First Look: Managed File Transfer (MFT) with Interoperability Productions   
Introduces the Managed File Transfer (MFT) feature, which enables easy inclusion of a third-party file transfer service directly into an InterSystems interoperability production.
First Look: Data Transformations   
Introduces the DTL Editor and how to transform data into a different format within an interoperability production.
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