InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2018.1.1
InterSystems: The power behind what matters   

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Architecture and Planning
This view presents topics relevant when you are determining the architecture of your application.
First Look: Scaling Systems for User Volume with InterSystems Distributed Caching   
Introduces the use of distributed caching enabled by ECP to scale for user volume.
First Look: Deploying an InterSystems IRIS Sharded Cluster   
Introduces sharding and how it can be used to scale InterSystems IRIS Data Platform for data volume.
First Look: Data Resiliency and Mirroring   
Introduces the crash recovery, high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities of InterSystems IRIS.
Data Platform Scalability 
Describes horizontal and vertical scalability, as well as how InterSystems IRIS Data Platform can achieve either to meet the needs of growing business and data.
Scalability Resource Guide 
Provides a set of presentations and recordings on scalability.
Performance Resource Guide 
Provides a set of presentations and recordings on system performance, from the 2017 InterSystems Global Summit.
Scalability Guide   
Explains how to scale InterSystems IRIS Data Platform to meet the demands of your workload.
InterSystems High Availability Solutions   
Discusses several general strategies for achieving high availability with InterSystems IRIS-based applications.
High Availability Guide   
Explains the many mechanisms InterSystems IRIS provides to maintain highly available and reliable systems.
Running InterSystems IRIS in Containers   
Describes how to deploy and run InterSystems IRIS in Docker containers