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class %DeepSee.UI.Dialog.CubeAddItem extends %DeepSee.UI.Dialog.standardDialog

This dialog adds a new item (such as a dimension) to a DeepSee cube definition.
Can always add a new Measure;dataDimension;timeDimension
But if you want to add a hierarchy, you need to first click a dimension or hierarchy,
and if you want to add a new level, you need to first click a hierarchy or level;

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parameter APPLYBUTTON = 0;
Inherited description: If true, then this dialog displays an Apply button.


property cubeName as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENURL = "CUBE");
Cube name.
Property methods: cubeNameDisplayToLogical(), cubeNameGet(), cubeNameIsValid(), cubeNameLogicalToDisplay(), cubeNameLogicalToOdbc(), cubeNameNormalize(), cubeNameSet()
property itemType as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENURL = "TYPE") [ InitialExpression = "measure" ];
Item type.
Property methods: itemTypeDisplayToLogical(), itemTypeGet(), itemTypeIsValid(), itemTypeLogicalToDisplay(), itemTypeLogicalToOdbc(), itemTypeNormalize(), itemTypeSet()
property newItemCounter as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENURL = "NEWITEMCOUNTER");
Property methods: newItemCounterDisplayToLogical(), newItemCounterGet(), newItemCounterIsValid(), newItemCounterLogicalToDisplay(), newItemCounterLogicalToOdbc(), newItemCounterNormalize(), newItemCounterSet()
property selectedClass as %ZEN.Datatype.string (ZENURL = "SELECTEDCLASS");
Property methods: selectedClassDisplayToLogical(), selectedClassGet(), selectedClassIsValid(), selectedClassLogicalToDisplay(), selectedClassLogicalToOdbc(), selectedClassNormalize(), selectedClassSet()
property userChangedName as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = "0" ];
Property methods: userChangedNameDisplayToLogical(), userChangedNameGet(), userChangedNameIsValid(), userChangedNameLogicalToDisplay(), userChangedNameLogicalToOdbc(), userChangedNameLogicalToXSD(), userChangedNameNormalize(), userChangedNameSet(), userChangedNameXSDToLogical()


method %OnAfterCreatePage() as %Status
Inherited description: Be sure to do ##super() when overriding.
method %OnGetSubtitle() as %String
Get the (localized) subtitle string for the dialog. This should be implemented in a subclass.
method %OnGetTitle() as %String
Get the (localized) title string for the dialog. This should be implemented in a subclass.
method LoadSharesFromCubes() as %String
Return cube list for SharesFrom cube drop-down
clientmethod changeType() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getDialogValue() [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: Get the value that will be applied when the user presses the OK button. This is implemented by subclasses.
clientmethod loadDimension() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod ondialogFinish(action) as %Boolean [ Language = javascript ]
This callback, if defined, is called when the user presses the OK or Apply action buttons. If this returns false, then the action is cancelled.
clientmethod ondialogStart() [ Language = javascript ]
This callback, if defined, is called when the dialog page is loaded.
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
clientmethod selectedDim(ctrl) [ Language = javascript ]

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