class %ML.H2O.Provider extends %ML.Provider

Implements the QuickML provider

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parameter PROVIDERNAME = H2O;
Provider name
parameter SQLTYPE = query;
Inherited description: Type of SQL TRAIN will operate on Options are "resutset" or "query" If the provider uses resultset, %Train is called with a resultset object for the query If the provider uses query, %TrainQyert is called with the SQL query text


property h2o as %Net.Remote.Object;
Java objects: h2o: The Main class with QuickML Specific functions dataframe: sql and row data converted to H2O Dataframe objects
Property methods: h2oGet(), h2oGetSwizzled(), h2oIsValid(), h2oNewObject(), h2oSet()


method %BeginTraining(model As %ML.Model, data As %SQL.StatementResult, trainingrun As %ML.TrainingRun, ByRef name As %String = "", ByRef trainkey) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Train an H2O model data argument is not used for IoC providers name is no longer used. trainingrun.name is already defined
method %CreateModel(modelName As %String, ByRef model As %ML.Model, ByRef params) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Create a ML model
classmethod %GetDefaultSettings(ByRef settings As %DynamicObject) [ Language = objectscript ]
Adds the default settings for H2O to the settings dynamic object
method %GetTrainStatement() as %SQL.Statement [ Language = objectscript ]
Returns an instance of %SQL.Statement to be used for the training query
method %OnInit() as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Opens JavaGateway and creates the Java objects for H2O
method %WaitForTraining(ByRef trainkey, trainingrun As %ML.TrainingRun, ByRef trainedmodel As %ML.TrainedModel, timeoutMS As %Integer = -1) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Check for training complete
classmethod getModel(modelId As %String, modeldata As %Net.Remote.Object) [ Language = objectscript ]

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