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persistent class %iKnow.Stemming.TextConfig extends %iKnow.Stemming.Configuration

SQL Table Name: %iKnow_Stemming.TextConfig

Simple configuration object for the %iKnow.Stemming.TextStemmer class, which wraps the %Text.Text Standardize() method. Use DefaultLanguage to identify the language for which the %Text class should be instantiated.

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property DefaultLanguage as %String;
Property methods: DefaultLanguageDisplayToLogical(), DefaultLanguageGet(), DefaultLanguageGetStored(), DefaultLanguageIsValid(), DefaultLanguageLogicalToDisplay(), DefaultLanguageLogicalToOdbc(), DefaultLanguageNormalize(), DefaultLanguageSet()

Methods (Including Private)

method CreateStemmerObject(Output pStemmer As %iKnow.Stemmer) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Instantiates a stemmer object based on the current object's configuration.

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