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persistent class %MFT.UserList extends %Library.Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

SQL Table Name: %MFT.UserList

%MFT.UserList lists all users defined for this enterprise or team. Note: Even though this class is in IRISLIB, the storage is in the namespace which creates the instance.

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property Users as list of %MFT.UserInfo;
Users is a list of users.
Property methods: UsersBuildValueArray(), UsersCollectionToDisplay(), UsersCollectionToOdbc(), UsersDisplayToCollection(), UsersGet(), UsersGetObject(), UsersGetObjectId(), UsersGetStored(), UsersGetSwizzled(), UsersIsValid(), UsersOdbcToCollection(), UsersSet(), UsersSetObject(), UsersSetObjectId()

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Storage Model: Storage (%MFT.UserList)

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