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class %DeepSee.Report.UI.methodDefinitionPanel extends %ZEN.Component.composite

Method defintion panel This is the display panel for a code editor that allows the user to inject server side code into generated DeepSee report data collector classes

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parameter INCLUDEFILES = zenCSLM.js,zenCEM.js;
Inherited description: CSV list of additional include files (either .js or .css) that should be included when this component is used on a page.
By default, the file extension (.js or .css) is used to determine whether an item in the list is a script include or a style include. You can override this behavior by adding the terms "script:" or "style:" to the beginning of the file name or names. This prefix is not used as part of the include filename.


property ondelete as %ZEN.Datatype.eventHandler;
ondelete event handler: This event is fired when the contents of this component are marked for deletion by the user.
Property methods: ondeleteDisplayToLogical(), ondeleteGet(), ondeleteIsValid(), ondeleteLogicalToDisplay(), ondeleteLogicalToOdbc(), ondeleteNormalize(), ondeleteSet()


clientmethod adjustLayout() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getModel() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod handleDeleteRequest() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod quoteBody(str) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod restoreModel(jsObj) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the associated JSON model object for this editor
clientmethod setBody(v) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod setLanguage(v) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod setName(n) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod setType(v) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod unquoteBody(str) [ Language = javascript ]

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