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class %DeepSee.Report.UI.queryItemEditor extends %ZEN.Component.composite

Item Editor This is the master display panel for the query item editor that allows the user to inject additional items into the generated DeepSee report data collector classes at run time

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parameter DEFAULTDELETEICON = deepsee/close_a_16.png;
parameter INCLUDEFILES = zenCSLM.js;
Inherited description: CSV list of additional include files (either .js or .css) that should be included when this component is used on a page.
By default, the file extension (.js or .css) is used to determine whether an item in the list is a script include or a style include. You can override this behavior by adding the terms "script:" or "style:" to the beginning of the file name or names. This prefix is not used as part of the include filename.


property iconDelete as %ZEN.Datatype.uri [ InitialExpression = ..#DEFAULTDELETEICON ];
URI of image to display for the delete button.
Property methods: iconDeleteDisplayToLogical(), iconDeleteGet(), iconDeleteIsValid(), iconDeleteLogicalToDisplay(), iconDeleteLogicalToOdbc(), iconDeleteNormalize(), iconDeleteSet()


method DrawItemHeader(pSeed As %String) as %Status
Draw the contents of the Item Header (the region above the table of known properties).
clientmethod addNewItem() [ Language = javascript ]
Add a new property edit line to the table
clientmethod clear() [ Language = javascript ]
Reset the table
clientmethod deleteDynamicCSSRule(className, triggerStr) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod deleteLine(idx) [ Language = javascript ]
Delete a given line from the table and update the underlying model
clientmethod generateSelectControls(vList, ctx, baseId) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod getModel() [ Language = javascript ]
Get the current model
clientmethod insertCSSRule(className, styleStr) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod isUniqueName(name, exemptIdx) [ Language = javascript ]
Check the given name against all known names in the model with the exception of exemptIdx. Return true is the name is unique, false otherwise. Note that this check is not case sensitive
clientmethod makeUniqueName(root) [ Language = javascript ]
Given a base root for a name, return a unique property name based on that root and made unique by the addition of a numeric suffix if required.
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
clientmethod populateLine(pObj) [ Language = javascript ]
Add a new edit line to the table and pre-poplate it from a model object
clientmethod restoreModel(m, context) [ Language = javascript ]
Populate the table with data from the given model
clientmethod sizeColumns() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod syncLine(idx) [ Language = javascript ]
Synchronize a given line of the table with a model property object
clientmethod syncModel() [ Language = javascript ]
Synchronize the underlying model with the currently displayed values
clientmethod syncSelectControl(baseId, lst) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod updateLine(idx, pObj) [ Language = javascript ]

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