class %DeepSee.extensions.clusters.CalinskiHarabasz extends %Library.RegisteredObject

This class calculates Calinski-Harabasz index. Calinski-Harabasz use the Variance Ratio Criterion which is analogous to F-Statistics to estimate the number of clusters a given data naturally falls into. They minimize Within Cluster/Group Sum of Squares and maximize Between Cluster/Group Sum of Squares.

Validity indices are used in Cluster Validation and determination of the optimal number of clusters.

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property Model as AbstractModel;
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property SubsetKey as %Integer;
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property normalize as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
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method GetSubsetCentroids(Output zz) [ Language = objectscript ]
method calculate(Output sc As %Status) as %Double [ Language = objectscript ]
method calculateForSample(SampleSize As %Integer, Output sc As %Status) as %Double [ Language = objectscript ]
method traceB() as %Double [ Language = objectscript ]
method traceBSubset(zz) as %Double [ Language = objectscript ]
method traceW() as %Double [ Language = objectscript ]
method traceWSubset(zz) as %Double [ Language = objectscript ]

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