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abstract class Ens.Java.Service.PassthroughService extends Ens.Java.Service.Standard

Used in a conjunction with a com.intersystems.gateway.bh.BusinessService to create a Java Business Service.

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parameter SETTINGS = TargetConfigNames:Basic:selector?multiSelect=1&context={Ens.ContextSearch/ProductionItems?targets=1&productionName=@productionId},SendAsync;
Inherited description: User-configurable settings for this service

Properties (Including Private)

property SendAsync as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Property methods: SendAsyncDisplayToLogical(), SendAsyncGet(), SendAsyncIsValid(), SendAsyncLogicalToDisplay(), SendAsyncNormalize(), SendAsyncSet()
property TargetConfigNames as %String (MAXLEN = 1000);
Configuration item(s) to which to send file stream messages
Property methods: TargetConfigNamesDisplayToLogical(), TargetConfigNamesGet(), TargetConfigNamesIsValid(), TargetConfigNamesLogicalToDisplay(), TargetConfigNamesLogicalToOdbc(), TargetConfigNamesNormalize(), TargetConfigNamesSet()

Methods (Including Private)

classmethod OnGetConnections(Output pArray As %String, pItem As Ens.Config.Item) [ Language = objectscript ]
Return an array of connections for drawing lines on the config diagram.
method OnProcessInput(pInput As %Stream.Object, Output pOutput As %Library.RegisteredObject, ByRef pHint As %Library.String) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Wrap the input stream object in a StreamContainer message object and send it.

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