class EnsLib.EDI.SEF.CompositeElementMask extends EnsLib.EDI.SEF.Node

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property MaskType as %String;
This holds the mask type
Property methods: MaskTypeDisplayToLogical(), MaskTypeGet(), MaskTypeIsValid(), MaskTypeLogicalToDisplay(), MaskTypeLogicalToOdbc(), MaskTypeNormalize(), MaskTypeSet()
property MaxLength as %Integer;
This holds the max length
Property methods: MaxLengthDisplayToLogical(), MaxLengthGet(), MaxLengthIsValid(), MaxLengthLogicalToDisplay(), MaxLengthNormalize(), MaxLengthSet()
property MinLength as %Integer;
This holds the min length
Property methods: MinLengthDisplayToLogical(), MinLengthGet(), MinLengthIsValid(), MinLengthLogicalToDisplay(), MinLengthNormalize(), MinLengthSet()
property RepeatCount as %Integer;
This holds the repeat count
Property methods: RepeatCountDisplayToLogical(), RepeatCountGet(), RepeatCountIsValid(), RepeatCountLogicalToDisplay(), RepeatCountNormalize(), RepeatCountSet()
property StdRequirement as %String;
This holds the StdRequirement
Property methods: StdRequirementDisplayToLogical(), StdRequirementGet(), StdRequirementIsValid(), StdRequirementLogicalToDisplay(), StdRequirementLogicalToOdbc(), StdRequirementNormalize(), StdRequirementSet()


method GenerateText(pStream As %CharacterStream) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
This method is override by subclases to generate the textual representation of this node
method Validate(ByRef pStatus As %Status) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Perform a sanity check on the nodes in the parse tree

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