class %UnitTest.TestScript extends %UnitTest.TestCase

This class is an example of extending the TestCase class for your own testing needs. It provides the TestRunScript method, which replays the script specified in the TESTFILE parameter, comparing it to a reference log of expected output.

To use this class for your tests, write a subclass that implements the runScript method to read a script and generate repeatable output. Pass the string "reference" as the userparam parameter to the RunTest method to record the expected output to reference.log:

	d ##class(%UnitTest.Manager).RunTest("example\suite",,"reference")
In subsequent runs, call RunTest without "reference" to compare the output to reference.log:
	d ##class(%UnitTest.Manager).RunTest("example\suite")
See the TestCacheScript and TestSqlScript classes for examples.


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parameter TESTFILE;
File that contains the test steps, in a format determined by the runScript method.
Set to 1 to call $$$AssertFilesSQLUnorderedSame rather than $$$AssertFilesSame


method TestRunScript()
This method, which is run automatically by %UnitTest.Manager, calls the implementation of runScript supplied by a subclass. If the TESTFILE parameter is not specified, it uses script.txt.

When the "reference" parameter is specified, it writes expected output to reference.log. Otherwise, it compares the output to reference.log using $$$AssertFilesSame (or $$$AssertFilesSQLUnorderedSame if the UNORDEREDFILESAME parameter is set).

abstract classmethod runScript(scriptfile As %String, outputfile As %String)
Override this method with an implementation that reads from scriptfile, writing the output to outputfile. The output should be repeatable for a given script; not dependent on, e.g., the time or the system under test.
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