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abstract class %BI.WebKPIClass

Method Inventory


classmethod AddKPIChildList(val, folderId, KPIChildId) as %Boolean
classmethod AddNewChildList()
classmethod AddNewKPI(query, formula, filename, folderid, min, max, activate, strschema, strmeasure, kpiDR)
classmethod AddNewValueRange()
classmethod BuildTreeJS(treeType As %String) as %Boolean
classmethod ChildListGenerator()
classmethod ClearKPIVRCell(i, divTag, type) as %Boolean
classmethod ColorSelector(divTag As %String, color As %String) as %Boolean
classmethod DelFolder(folderId As %String)
classmethod DeleteKPIChildList(val) as %Boolean
classmethod FromKPIListToSession(TreeTxt As %String, Treeval As %String) as %Boolean
classmethod FromSessionToKPIDetails() as %Boolean
classmethod GetTreeItem(onTarget, valueSet, valueTxt)
classmethod HiliteRow(val As %String, onTarget As %String)
classmethod KPIKilladdLine()
classmethod KPIListIsFolder(valset As %String) as %Boolean
classmethod KPIVRaddLine()
classmethod KPIVRdeleteLine(LineNo)
classmethod KPIVRgetImageName(id As %String, propertyName As %String)
classmethod KillChildListSession()
classmethod KillValueRangeSession()
classmethod LoadFormula(id As %String)
classmethod LoadPivotTable()
classmethod LoadPivotTableJS()
classmethod RedoFilter()
classmethod RenFolderName(folderId As %String, folderName As %String)
method SearchFileName(Filename) as %Boolean
classmethod UndoFilter()
classmethod UpdateChildList()
classmethod UpdateKPI(queryVal, formulaVal, file, folderid, min, max, activate, strschema, strmeasure, kpiDR)
classmethod UpdateKPICaption(i, caption) as %Boolean
classmethod UpdateVRFontSession(i, FontName, FontBold, FontItalic, FontSize, FontUnderline, FontStrikethru)
classmethod UpdateVRSession(i As %String, type As %String, value As %String)
classmethod UpdateValueRange()
classmethod ValueRangeGenerator(KPIId)
classmethod ValueRangeSessionGenerator()
classmethod a()
classmethod addToFilter(query)
classmethod createSelectJS(SelectName, Selected)
classmethod createSelectMeasureJS()
classmethod createSelectOnLoad(SelectName, Selected)
classmethod delKPI(KPIId)
classmethod displayKPIvalue(id)
classmethod genDMForm()
classmethod loadClasses()
classmethod loadMetricJS() as %Boolean
classmethod moveKPIChildList(mypos, pos) as %Boolean
classmethod resetQuery()
classmethod setBaseCls()
classmethod setKPIId(val)
classmethod setSelectBaseCls(id)
classmethod setVRRow(i As %String) as %Boolean
classmethod xxxxloadConditionJS(measureID, condBegin, myDiv)