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class %CSP.UI.Component.tableNavBar extends %ZEN.Component.tableNavigatorBar

This is a tableNavigatorBar component used by SMP.

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parameter SYSMODULE;
Inherited description: If set, this indicates that this system component should be placed in the given "module". A module is a grouping of components within the same class package that share common include (js or css) files. Note that certain root classes are implicitly placed within the "core" module.
Classes outside of the Zen library should not set this, they should use the MODULE instead.


clientmethod renderContents() [ Language = javascript ]
Client-side method to render this control. The difference between this component and tableNavigatorBar is the filter.
In combination with %CSP.UI.Portal.UtilsNav, we use table.lastFilter to set the last filter value of the user here.
clientmethod setFilterSize(size) [ Language = javascript ]
allow someone to reset the filter input.size for this component

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