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class %DeepSee.Query.Engine2 extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Contains additional logic for calculating the results of a DeepSee query.

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classmethod %GetAxisInfo(pCubeName As %String, pKey As %String, Output pAxisType As %String, Output pAxisKey As %String, Output pAxisSize As %Integer, Output pSlicerAxis As %Boolean) as %Integer
For a given cube and query (key) return the number of axes (including the slicer).
pAxisType is an array containing the type of each axis: "axis" or "slicer".
pAxisNode is an array containing the top node number for each axis.
pAxisSize is an array containing the number of leaf nodes for each axis.
pSlicerAxis indicates whether there is a slicer axis. If there is this will contain the axis number for the slicer otherwise 0.

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