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class %Monitor.System.HistoryMemory extends %Monitor.System.Adaptor

%Monitor class to collect and manage part of the Monitor History Database. This class collects the SYS.History.HistoryMemory samples for the Shared Memory Heap Metrics, at a default interval of 300 seconds.

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property Interval as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 300 ];
Interval between samples.
Property methods: IntervalDisplayToLogical(), IntervalGet(), IntervalIsValid(), IntervalLogicalToDisplay(), IntervalNormalize(), IntervalSet()
property LastTime as %Integer;
Values to control sample times
Property methods: LastTimeDisplayToLogical(), LastTimeGet(), LastTimeIsValid(), LastTimeLogicalToDisplay(), LastTimeNormalize(), LastTimeSet()


method GetSample() as %Status

Get the basic SYS.History.PerfData sample for the Monitor History Database.

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